` symbol should be added to wrap column name when creating sql #3084

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The function createFindCommand in class CDbCommandBuilder response for the creation of SELECT command based on CDbCriteria.

$select=is_array($criteria->select) ? implode(', ',$criteria->select) : $criteria->select;

But, when we use reserved word of DBMS, 'key' in mysql for example, as column name, the columsn name should be wrapped with ` to avoid sql syntax error.

It should be written as:

$select=is_array($criteria->select) ? implode('`, `',$criteria->select) : $criteria->select;
if(trim($select) != '*'){

cebe commented Dec 1, 2013

Duplicate of #2176 and #2525. This issue can not be fixed because CDbCriteria is not aware of the underlying database system. This problem has been resolved in yii 2.

cebe closed this Dec 1, 2013

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