Doesn't try to apply crazy Oracle limit sub-quering when limit = 1 #624

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igorsantos07 commented Apr 18, 2012

The framework was inserting WITH USER_SQL AS ($query) [...] on selects with limit = 1, what is meaningless, and would hinder performance.


suralc commented Apr 18, 2012

You should create a new branch for each pullrequest as you will be unable to work on something else, until the pullrequest is merged or closed.(All changes you do on this branch(in your case master) will be part in this pr.



igorsantos07 commented Apr 18, 2012

Sorry for the trouble! I'm going to do this for the next fixes (there won't be much for now, anyway).
I'm just going to add a CHANGELOG edit to this pull request.

imrel commented Nov 26, 2012

This seems to introduce bug instead (not applying limit 1). Also when optimisations applied as suggested in #269 would render this bug to NotABugAnymore.


samdark commented May 27, 2013

Can't merge it as is since it introduces another bug.

samdark closed this May 27, 2013

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