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de Fix german documentation misspelling
es copied and translated from /docs/guide/basics.component.txt
fr Minor Typos+Grammar
he merging yiidoc to yii.
hu sync with yiidoc
id merged documentation translations.
images Fixes #2385: illustration in the "Model-View-Controller (MVC)" guide …
it merge yiidoc to yii.
ja ja doc fixes
nl merged yiidoc to yii.
no merged yiidoc to yii.
pl Update guide\pl
pt merged yiidoc to yii.
pt_br Add test.functional.txt Brazilian Portuguese translation to Yii Defin…
ro merge from 1.0
ru Fixed typos in Russian docs
sv merge yiidoc to yii.
uk [UK][Guide] typos
vi merging yiidoc to yii.
zh_cn Merge pull request #3809 from wxs77577/master
zh_tw update copyright year
basics.application.txt guide fix about autoloading documentation fixes
basics.component.txt docs: better write-only example
basics.controller.txt syntax fixes for guide.
basics.convention.txt docs: mentioned 'ext' alias'
basics.entry.txt syntax fixes for guide.
basics.model.txt Improved description of application configuration, linked to componen…
basics.module.txt removed 1.0 version information in guide.
basics.mvc.txt typo
basics.namespace.txt added note about Yii::import to basics.namespace
basics.view.txt Added a tip about CWidgetFactory to the widgets section to increase v…
basics.workflow.txt Minor Typos+Grammar
caching.dynamic.txt Fix svn:keyword Id tagging.
caching.fragment.txt docs/guide/caching.fragment.txt fix
caching.overview.txt Typo Updated English http-caching documentation.
changes.txt Fix #132: CDbConnection now supports ODBC added official support for MariaDB to the guide
database.arr.txt quotation block marking added
database.dao.txt CDbConnection ODBC related fixes before merging
database.migration.txt added official support for MariaDB to the guide
database.overview.txt * Finished query builder documentation.
database.query-builder.txt typo fix in guide
extension.create.txt merge from 1.0
extension.integration.txt [EN][Guide] typos
extension.overview.txt adjusted doc order, fixes #2509
extension.use.txt Merge branch 'master' of git:// into Bux666-master
form.builder.txt typo fix : removed unnecessary "echo"
form.model.txt Improved description of application configuration, linked to componen…
form.overview.txt Fix svn:keyword Id tagging.
form.table.txt (Fixes issue 1897)
index.txt Fixed copyright date in documentation
quickstart.apache-nginx-config.txt Better Apache HTTPD and NGINX configs in the guide.
quickstart.first-app.txt Fix related to the WebApp generator's git/hg support feature. Updated…
quickstart.installation.txt doc update.
quickstart.what-is-yii.txt doc fix, fixes #3169
test.fixture.txt Fixed typos in Russian docs
test.functional.txt Fixed new blog tests.
test.overview.txt (Fixes issue 2138) Updated required PHPUnit version
test.unit.txt Fixes #3723
toc.txt added Nginx sample configuration
topics.auth.txt sample code fix
topics.console.txt Merge branch 'master' of git:// into Bux666-master
topics.error.txt (Fixes issue 2698) Mentioned CDbException in error handling guide
topics.gii.txt added note about one should always review gii-generated model validat…
topics.i18n.txt another typo :)
topics.logging.txt Update topics.logging.txt
topics.performance.txt Added link to wikipedia article about what symlink is
topics.prado.txt (Fixes issue 2459) doc fix Merge branch 'master' of git:// into Bux666-master
topics.theming.txt Fixed CTestCase for PHPUnit 3.7.10.
topics.url.txt Added # code sample to guide on URLs
topics.webservice.txt Merge branch 'master' of git:// into Bux666-master
upgrade.txt Fixes issue 1451
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