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Latest commit 9e53285 Mar 5, 2016 @dirx dirx committed with samdark Fixes #4020: Fixed PHP 7 related bug in CCacheHttpSession when destro…
…ying not cached sessions

* CCacheHttpSession::destroySession now always returns true
* added CCacheHttpSessionTest


This folder contains unit tests of Yii framework.
PHPUnit 3.5+ and xdebug (for code coverage report) are required.

To run a single unit test, use:
>> phpunit path/to/test.php

To run all tests under a directory, use:
>> phpunit --verbose path/to/tests/directory

To generate code coverage report:
>> phpunit --coverage-html reports path/to/tests/directory/or/test/class

Please use 'phpunit --help' to see more command line options.
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