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Upgrading Instructions for Yii Framework v2 AuthClient Extension


The following upgrading instructions are cumulative. That is, if you want to upgrade from version A to version C and there is version B between A and C, you need to following the instructions for both A and B.

Upgrade from yii2-authclient 2.2.5

  • Default request option for turning off SSL peer verification was removed. If you need to skip peer verification you can configure individual client request options:

    return [
        'components' => [
            'authClientCollection' => [
                'class' => 'yii\authclient\Collection',
                'clients' => [
                    'google' => [
                        'class' => 'yii\authclient\clients\Google',
                        'clientId' => 'google_client_id',
                        'clientSecret' => 'google_client_secret',
                        'requestOptions' => [
                            'sslVerifyPeer' => false, // <-- here
                    // etc.
            // ...
        // ...

Upgrade from yii2-authclient 2.1.0

  • The signature of the yii\authclient\BaseOAuth::saveAccessToken() method has been changed. In case you are extending related class and override this method, you should check, if it matches parent declaration.

Upgrade from yii2-authclient 2.0.6

  • Class yii\authclient\clients\GoogleOAuth has been renamed to yii\authclient\clients\Google. Make sure you are using correct name for this class.

  • Class yii\authclient\clients\YandexOAuth has been renamed to yii\authclient\clients\Yandex. Make sure you are using correct name for this class.

  • The signature of the following methods has been changed: yii\authclient\BaseOAuth::sendRequest(), yii\authclient\BaseOAuth::api(), yii\authclient\OAuth1::composeSignatureKey(), yii\authclient\OAuth1::composeAuthorizationHeader(), yii\authclient\OAuth1::fetchAccessToken(), yii\authclient\widgets\AuthChoice::createClientUrl(). Make sure you invoke those methods correctly. In case you are extending related classes, you should check, if overridden methods match parent declaration.

  • Virtual property yii\authclient\BaseOAuth::curlOptions and related methods have been removed - use yii\authclient\BaseOAuth::requestOptions instead.

  • Following methods have been removed: yii\authclient\OAuth1::sendSignedRequest(), yii\authclient\BaseOAuth::processResponse(), yii\authclient\BaseOAuth::apiInternal(), yii\authclient\BaseOAuth::convertXmlToArray(), yii\authclient\BaseOAuth::determineContentTypeByHeaders(), yii\authclient\BaseOAuth::determineContentTypeByRaw(). Make sure you do not invoke them.

  • Class yii\authclient\InvalidResponseException reworked: fields responseHeaders and responseBody have been removed, field response added instead, holding yii\httpclient\Response instance. Class constructor adjusted accordingly. Make sure you throw and process this exception correctly.

  • Method yii\authclient\BaseClient::initUserAttributes() has been made abstract. If you extend yii\authclient\BaseClient class, make sure you provide implementation for this method, or declare your class as abstract.

  • Classes yii\authclient\OAuth1 and yii\authclient\OAuth2 have been made abstract. Make sure you do not instantiate these classes.

  • Classes yii\authclient\clients\GoogleOpenId and yii\authclient\clients\YandexOpenId have been removed, since Google and Yandex no longer supports OpenID protocol. Make sure you do not use or refer these classes.

  • Methods clientLink() and renderMainContent() of yii\authclient\widgets\AuthChoice has been changed to return the generated HTML instead of echo it. Make sure you invoke or override these methods correctly.

  • Markup generated by yii\authclient\widgets\AuthChoice and related CSS has been simplified. In case you customize styles or HTML for AuthChoice, you should check it to produce valid widget appearance.

  • Automatic auth 'state' validation added to yii\authclient\OAuth2. In case state validation is not supported or not desirable for your particular client, you should disabled it setting yii\authclient\OAuth2::validateAuthState to false.

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