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* @link
* @copyright Copyright (c) 2008 Yii Software LLC
* @license
namespace yii\web;
* UrlRuleInterface is the interface that should be implemented by URL rule classes.
* @author Qiang Xue <>
* @since 2.0
interface UrlRuleInterface
* Parses the given request and returns the corresponding route and parameters.
* @param UrlManager $manager the URL manager
* @param Request $request the request component
* @return array|bool the parsing result. The route and the parameters are returned as an array.
* If false, it means this rule cannot be used to parse this path info.
public function parseRequest($manager, $request);
* Creates a URL according to the given route and parameters.
* @param UrlManager $manager the URL manager
* @param string $route the route. It should not have slashes at the beginning or the end.
* @param array $params the parameters
* @return string|bool the created URL, or false if this rule cannot be used for creating this URL.
public function createUrl($manager, $route, $params);
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