Implement JUI extension #21

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Similar to that in 1.1, but should be better designed (consistent with the design used in bootstrap extension).

@qiangxue qiangxue referenced this issue May 15, 2013

JQueryUI #282


ok, sorry missed this one, i was searching for jqueryui ... hope if someone else is searching for it, he will now find it;)

qiangxue commented Jun 6, 2013

@creocoder Is the JUI extension complete now? I plan to move it to official extensions.


@qiangxue Remaining 2 widgets. Will complete it on this week.

qiangxue commented Jun 7, 2013

Cool! Take your time. No need hurry.

samdark commented Aug 2, 2013

@creocoder what's left on this one?


@samdark Slider


@samdark And probably Tooltip, but really not sure there needed widget for toolip sice its just peace of jquery code and optimal to use it manually.

qiangxue commented Aug 2, 2013

We can skip Tooltip for now unless it is requested for by many people.

@samdark samdark closed this in 297504c Aug 25, 2013
@cebe cebe added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 26, 2013
@cebe cebe Merge branch 'master' into redis
* master: (131 commits)
  css fix.
  Finished model generator.
  more tests for FileHelper
  Added note about theme asset bundle to bootstrap widgets guide
  fixed typos in ArrayHelperBase phpdoc
  More tests for ArrayHelper and Inflector
  Fixed typo and code style
  Fixes #21: implemented jQueryUI Slider
  Fixes #790: added visible for Nav and Dropdown
  finished rule generation for model generator.
  bug fix of form generator.
  minor fixes of debugger.
  Added SafeValidator.
  fix dataProvider getSort()
  cleanup MemCache timeout API after #804
  Added failureCallback, reduced timeouts to 1s
  Mentioning that timeoutms is available in memcache only.
  set default format for gridview to text
  Removed extra line
  Added timeoutms parameter in MemCache

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