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Implement Debug Toolbar #30

qiangxue opened this Issue Mar 25, 2013 · 9 comments

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Some references:

Features to implement:

  • Display internal route (module/controller/action).
  • Display view files used during current request.
  • Display SQL queries performed. Should be able to either display these sequentially, order by time, group similar queries while sorting by query count and displaying total time for a group.
  • Display GET/POST etc.
  • Provide API so developers will be able to add their own data to the toolbar.
  • Display framework version.
  • Display PHP version.
  • Overall time/memory for the current page.
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This should include the support for showing profiling results.

resurtm commented Mar 25, 2013

I also recommend everyone to take a look at the Symfony2 debug toolbar. It's tightly integrated with the other parts of the framework and it has a lot of features that doesn't exist in extensions mentioned above (e.g. i like the feature when one can make SQL EXPLAIN for any logged query in-place, without switching between browser window and database management software window).


The Symfony2 debug toolbar is awesome. I'd like to see a similar for Yii.

@qiangxue qiangxue was assigned May 9, 2013
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samdark commented Jun 4, 2013

Added some ideas to implement.

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qiangxue commented Jul 8, 2013

Initial implementation is done. You may see it in action in the "basic" app.
Your feedback/suggestions are welcome.

Work to be done:

  • The database panel.
  • Various docking options of the toolbar
  • UI improvement
resurtm commented Jul 8, 2013

@qiangxue, looks great! Nice job. :-)

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qiangxue commented Jul 8, 2013

@resurtm thank you for finishing the database panel.

All work are done. You are welcome to further improve this.

@qiangxue qiangxue closed this Jul 8, 2013

Will the debug toolbar work like the symfony one?
I mean displaying the debug info when you click some toolbar section and not loading a new page for this.
I can see there is a lot of info here so, maybe you can show the most relevant info (module/controller/action, request params, executed queries, and so on) and then go to a detailed view in a new page...

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