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Tickeys Icon

(An alternative icon designed by [@WillStark]( )

Instant audio feedback for typing. For macOS.

A demo for learning Rust.

Other versions:


  • brew cask
brew cask install tickeys && open /Applications/
  • or download the dmg


sound effects

black/white list

sound effects

Add custom schemes

  1. locate the data directory in Finder:

  2. copy & paste an effect directory and rename the copy, eg.drum -> myDrum

  3. open schemes.json and edit it by copy & paste the corresponding scheme entry; change the name and display_name as needed. eg:

    	"name": "myDrum",
    	"display_name": "My Drum",
    	"files": ["1.wav", "2.wav", "3.wav", "4.wav", "space.wav", "backspace.wav", "enter.wav"],
    	"non_unique_count": 4, 
    	"key_audio_map":{"36": 6, "49": 4, "51": 5}
    • note:
      • "name": value must be the same as your directory name
      • "files": sound file list
      • "non_unique_count": first N items in files are auto mapped to keys
      • "key_audio_map": mappings of keyCode to sound index in "files". eg. 36 == enter
  4. add/replace your .wav files; update & save the json file

  5. re-launch Tickeys. ("qaz123")

Deps (for development)

  • alut
  • openssl
brew install freealut openssl


  • MIT