YXSpritesLoadingView is a small library to help you create your custom loader with sprites animation for iOS
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YXSpritesLoadingView is a small library to help you create your custom loader with sprites animation for iOS. We used FBShimmering library to make the loading text slight more insteresting.

YXSpritesLoadingView . YXSpritesLoadingView


Drag the YXSpritesLoadingView folder into your project. FBShimmering library is included with YXSpritesLoadingView, but you can remove it if you have that library already. Works for iOS7, using ARC.



You can simply change the numbers in YXSpritesLoadingView.h to customize the loader.

 Define Loading Background Attributes Here:
 - 85% alpha white is the default color
 - 5 is default Loader Corner Radius
 - set loaderBlurViewShow to YES will have the blur effect on loader background
   the background color will be ignored

#define loaderBlurViewShow NO
#define loaderBackgroundColor [UIColor colorWithWhite:1.0 alpha:0.85]
#define loaderCornerRadius 5
#define loaderBackgroundWidth 150
#define loaderBackgroundHeight 100

 Define Animation Attributes Here:
 - cycleAnimationDuration is duration for one cycle of images
 - animationImageWidth & animationImageHeight is the size of the animation image view, 
   but the content mode is UIViewContentModeCenter, so images won't be stretched, set this size carefully
   usually large than the sprites
 - numberOfFramesInAnimation is total number of sprites in one cycly of animation
 - we suggest to name all your sprite in this format: "name_frameNumber" such as "slice1_0", "slice1_1"....


#define cycleAnimationDuration 0.3
#define animationImageWidth 100
#define animationImageHeight 100
#define numberOfFramesInAnimation 3
#define spriteNameString @"slice3_"


 Define Loading Text Attributes Here:
 - If you want to hide the loading text label, just set the Text to @""
 - Change the Text Font Name if you want to use custom font, Helvetica bold is default font
 - Font Size 15 is default font
 - Change font size will cause the loader background size change too
 - black is default Text Color
 - loadingTextLabelSideMargin is how much it's away from each side, 10 is the default margin
 - loadingTextLabelSideMargin is how much it's away from the bottom, 10 is the default margin

#define loadingTextFontName @"Helvetica-Bold"
#define loadingTextFontSize 20
#define loadingTextColor [UIColor colorWithRed:0.213 green:0.409 blue:1.000 alpha:1.000]
#define loadingTextLabelSideMargin 10
#define loadingTextLabelBottomMargin 10


+ (void)show;
+ (void)showWithText:(NSString *)text;
+ (void)showWithText:(NSString *)text andShimmering:(BOOL)shimmering andBlurEffect:(BOOL)blur;
+ (void)dismiss;


Inspired by Gogobot iPhone App Great support from Scott Marchington Assets used in examples are from Internet, please do not use them for commerical purpose