Raemon is a Ruby framework for building UNIX daemons.
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Raemon is a Ruby framework for building daemons. It's designed for writing
master/worker pre-forking servers running on UNIX. The library has been
tested on both 1.8.7 and 1.9.1 and carries no dependencies outside of the
Ruby core. More to come.

By: Peter Kieltyka
Copyright (c) 2007-2009 NuLayer Inc. All rights reserved.


Raemon supports two modes of use: as a lightweight master/worker library
or as a full daemon server.

Lightweight master/worker library
Simply mixin the Raemon::Worker module into any class and implement the
'start' and 'execute' methods.

start   - called when the worker process is first created
execute - called to begin the execution of the worker

The Raemon::Worker module also provides a 'shutting_down?' helper method
that should be tested between iterations in the worker loop to gracefully
shutdown the worker.

To start the workers use the Raemon::Master class.

See examples/test.rb and examples/beanstalk.rb for how the library works
in this scenario.

Also, you can find an evented Beanstalk example in examples/evented.rb.

Daemon server
Raemon::Server provides tools that helps build daemon applications
that feel like a Ruby on Rails application. See examples/sampled.

Via gemcutter:
$ gem install raemon

From source:
$ git clone git://github.com/pkieltyka/raemon.git
$ cd raemon && rake build
$ gem install pkg/raemon-X.X.X.gem

1. Test cases
2. Create a UNIX socket connection between the master and workers
3. Setup a heartbeat between the master and the workers
4. Monitor memory usage of the workers in the master and restart/stop
   a worker if its out of whack
5. Write a daemon generator (as examples/sampled)

Raemon was influenced by the following projects:

servolux   - http://github.com/TwP/servolux
daemon_kit - http://github.com/kennethkalmer/daemon-kit
rails      - http://github.com/rails/rails