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Animated hovering-views-view with datasource/delegate like a tableView
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What is OBaconView?

OpenBaconView is a animated hovering-views-view with datasource/delegate like a tableView for iOS.


OpenBaconView Logo


I used this in a private Project of mine and decided to give it to the public.

Set up:

You will need to add QuartzCore Framework to your project as the OBaconView directory and you can start.


Init it like any other view, set datasource (and delegate if you need it), implement the methods and you are done.
Take a look at the sample project if you wanna see it in detail.


This project uses only ARC.
If you are not using ARC in your project, add -fobjc-arc as a compiler flag for all the files of OBaconView.


Q: Why "Bacon"?
A: I haven't found a name that fits so i took something i like. I'm open to any better ideas.

Q: Are you serious with the sample project?
A: F*** yeah, I am.

Q: Are you sorry for that?
A: Nope.


Please let me know if you are implementing this in one of you app! (Just for curiosity)

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