work for Printing Code class at itp. taught by Rune Madsen
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Printing Code

This is the repository for the class Printing Code taught at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

Printing Code is a graduate course taught at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. In this course students explore the use of computational techniques to produce physical prints, focusing on the intersection between graphic design and code. Class time will be divided between exploring design topics like colors, grids and typefaces, and applying these towards computational topics like randomization, repetition and generative form.

Weekly readings include relevant writings from the history of graphic design (Josef Muller-Brockmann, Paul Rand), articles from the history of computation (Vannevar Bush, Douglas Englebart) and everything in between (Sol Lewitt, Edward Tufte).

Weekly homework can be produced using the digital printers at NYU’s Advanced Media Studio, however students are encouraged to utilize whatever physical printing techniques they prefer, that being stencils, letter press, silk screen, weaving or home-made printers.

The class aims not only to teach the students how to create physical prints via code, but also to have something interesting to say about it. The class requires ICM or similar programming background.