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a simple mock server that base on flask
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Mock Server

Design Philosophy


Key Features

  • 遵循Http协议,支持GET, POST, PUT, DELETE 常用http请求方式
  • mock结构体为标准json结构,支持参数内容规则制定以及对象返回信息
  • 内置常用校验器,equals、contains、between、length、type, 可灵活自己扩展


  1. git clone 或者 checkout至本地目录
  2. 修改:MockServer/ 数据库相关配置
    USERNAME = 'root'
    PASSWORD = 'lcc123456'
    HOST = ''
    DB = 'MockServer'
  3. 安装相应依赖库
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. 创建MockServer数据库, 默认DB是MockServer
  5. 生成数据库迁移脚本,应用表结构
    python db init
    python db migrate
    python db upgrade
  6. Start Server
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