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What Is STPL

STPL is an extensible template engine, with scheme-like core for the extension.


# this is a comment
#( this is a nested comment.  #(comments and code can be nested#) continuing the comment until terminated by pound & closing parentheses #)

# literals
10 # a number is a literal
10.1 # float & integer are both treated uniformly as an integer. 
"a string is also a literal"
'this is also a string'
[1 2 3 4 5] # a list of integers. note it does not require comma separators
['a' 'list of' 'strings'] # note again no separators are required 
['a' 1234.5 'mixed list' 'can contain' -98715 ['a' 'sub' 'list']] # a list can contain mixed values 

# variables 
VARIABLE = value # a value can be a number, a string, or a lis


The semantics of

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