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;; ydiff - a language-aware tool for comparing programs
;; Copyright (C) 2011-2013 Yin Wang (
;; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
#lang racket
(provide (all-defined-out))
; data types
;---------------------------- Node ---------------------------
(struct Node (type
[size #:mutable]
[ctx #:mutable])
(define comment?
(lambda (n)
(and (Node? n) (eq? 'comment (Node-type n)))))
(define phantom?
(lambda (n)
(and (Node? n) (eq? 'phantom (Node-type n)))))
(define token?
(lambda (n)
(and (Node? n) (eq? 'token (Node-type n)))))
(define str?
(lambda (n)
(and (Node? n) (eq? 'str (Node-type n)))))
(define character?
(lambda (n)
(and (Node? n) (eq? 'char (Node-type n)))))
(define newline?
(lambda (n)
(and (Node? n) (eq? 'newline (Node-type n)))))
;----------- node size function ------------
(define node-size
(lambda (node)
[(and (Node? node) (Node-size node))
(Node-size node)]
[(pair? node)
(apply + (map node-size node))]
[(or (token? node) (str? node) (character? node)) 1]
[(Node? node)
(let ([size (node-size (Node-elts node))])
(set-Node-size! node size)
[else 0])))
(define node-depth
(lambda (node)
[(null? node) 0]
[(pair? node)
(apply max (map node-depth node))]
[(Node? node)
(add1 (node-depth (Node-elts node)))]
[else 0])))
; (node-depth (parse-scheme "(lambda (x (x (y)) (y)) x)"))
(define set-node-context
(lambda (node ctx)
[(pair? node)
(map (lambda (n) (set-node-context n ctx)) node)]
[(Node? node)
(let ([name (or (get-name node) ctx)])
(set-Node-ctx! node name)
(set-node-context (Node-elts node) name))])))
;------------------ operations on nodes ---------------------
;; "virtual function" - get definition name
;; can be overridden by individual languages
(define get-name (lambda (node) #f))
(define set-get-name
(lambda (fun)
(set! get-name fun)))
;; "virtual function" - get node type
;; can be overridden by individual languages
(define get-type Node-type)
(define set-get-type
(lambda (fun)
(set! get-type fun)))
;; same-def? only depend on get-name, so they need not be overridden
;; by individual languages.
(define same-def?
(lambda (e1 e2)
[(not (eq? (get-type e1) (get-type e2)))
(let ([name1 (get-name e1)]
[name2 (get-name e2)])
(and name1 name2 (equal? name1 name2)))])))
(define set-same-def
(lambda (fun)
(set! same-def? fun)))
;---------------------------- Change ---------------------------
;; Change - a change in the data structure
;; - old : the old version, #f for insertions
;; - new : the new version, #f for deletions
;; - cost : the cost of change from old to new
;; - type : insertion, deletion, or modification?
(struct Change (old new cost type) #:transparent)
(define ins?
(lambda (c)
(eq? 'ins (Change-type c))))
(define del?
(lambda (c)
(eq? 'del (Change-type c))))
(define mov?
(lambda (c)
(eq? 'mov (Change-type c))))
;----------------- utils for creating changes ----------------
(define ins
(lambda (node)
(let ([size (node-size node)])
(list (Change #f node size 'ins)))))
(define del
(lambda (node)
(let ([size (node-size node)])
(list (Change node #f size 'del)))))
(define mov
(lambda (node1 node2 cost)
(list (Change node1 node2 cost 'mov))))
;; create a "total change"
;; (delete node1 completely and then insert node2)
(define total
(lambda (node1 node2)
(let ([size1 (node-size node1)]
[size2 (node-size node2)])
(values (append (del node1) (ins node2))
(+ size1 size2)))))
;---------------------------- Tag ---------------------------
;; HTML tag structure used HTML generation code
(struct Tag (tag idx start) #:transparent)
(define get-symbol
(lambda (node)
[(token? node)
(string->symbol (Node-elts node))]
[else #f])))
;; Find the first node elements which matches a given tag.
(define get-tag
(lambda (node tag)
[(not (Node? node)) #f]
[(not (pair? (Node-elts node))) #f]
[(null? (Node-elts node)) #f]
(let ([matches (filter (lambda (x)
(eq? (Node-type x) tag))
(Node-elts node))])
[(null? matches) #f]
[else (car matches)]))])))
;; (get-tag (car (parse1 $statement "function f(x) {}"))
;; 'name)
;; Find the first node containing a given path of tags.
;; For example: '(function parameter) could match a function's parameter
(define match-tags
(lambda (e tags)
[(not (Node? e)) #f]
[(null? tags) e]
(match-tags (get-tag e (car tags)) (cdr tags))])))
;; (match-tags (car (parse1 $statement "function f(x) {}"))
;; '(function name))
(define uid
(let ([count 1]
[table (box '())])
(lambda (node)
(let ([p (assq node (unbox table))])
[(not p)
(let ([id count])
(set! count (add1 count))
(set-box! table (cons `(,node . ,id) (unbox table)))
(cdr p)])))))
;; similarity string from a change
(define similarity
(lambda (change)
(let ([total (+ (node-size (Change-old change))
(node-size (Change-new change)))])
[(or (= 0 total) (= 0 (Change-cost change)))
(* 100 (- 1.0 (/ (Change-cost change) total))) 1)
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