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-* How to build and use
ydiff is implemented in Scheme. The Scheme implementation used for
this project is Racket. You can get it from
-Currently there is no Unix command line interface. In order to use it,
-you need to load the 'diff-<lang>.ss' files in the Racket repl before
-invoking the diff-<lang> functions. For example:
+To build it, go to the directory containing the source and run "make".
+It should compile to several executables, such as "diff-scheme",
+"diff-cpp" etc. Copy those files to some directory in your PATH.
-(load "")
-(diff-scheme "" "")
+1. Run commands like:
+ diff-scheme demos/mk.scm demos/mk-c.scm
+It will produce a HTML file named "file1-file2.html" in the current
+2. Copy the support files "diff-s.css" and "nav-div.js" to the current
+directory, then use your browser to open the HTML file. You can scroll
+the file and click on the names to see the interactive effects.
+NOTICE: If you use Chrome, the JavaScript will not run on local files,
+so you may need to install a web server on your machine to view the
+file correctly. I recommend mongoose:
+Just put the executable in your directory and run it, then visit
+"localhost:8080". Have fun!
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