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Evernote SDK for ActionScript
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Evernote SDK for ActionScript

Evernote API version 1.22


This SDK contains wrapper code used to call the Evernote Cloud API from Flash and AIR apps.


In order to use the code in this SDK, you need to obtain an API key from You'll also find full API documentation on that page.

In order to run the sample code, you need a user account on the sandbox service where you will do your development. Sign up for an account at

Building the evernote.swc Library

You can either include the SDK wrapper source code in your apps or include the evernote.swc library file.

A project is included in the evernote-sdk-as3 directory that builds the evernote.swc library and points to the SDK wrapper source files.

Note: The project files are:

  • .actionScriptProperties
  • .flexLibProperties
  • .project

To open this project in Flash Builder and build the evernote.swc file:

  1. Under File, select "import Flash Builder project"
  2. Select "Project Folder" and Browse to the "evernote-sdk-as3" folder
  3. Under Project, select "Build All"

After building the project, the evernote-sdk-as3/bin directly will contain evernote.swc. You can include this library in your projects to use the Evernote SDK.

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