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A list of links to articles, tutorials and papers that are helpful for people developing on the ethereum stack

Tutorials (beginner friendly)

  1. Hello world - greeter contract
  2. Truffle first dApp tutorial
  3. Smart contracts for noobs
  4. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Smart Contracts in Ethereum
  5. Getting Up to Speed on Ethereum
  6. The ultimate end-to-end tutorial to create and deploy a fully decentralized Dapp in ethereum
  7. Ethereum for Web Developers
  8. Full Stack Hello World Voting Ethereum Dapp Tutorial
  9. Getting started with Ethereum & Solidity on Windows — part 1
  10. Getting started with Ethereum, Solidity & Geth — part 2
  11. Solidity workshop - detailed resource
  12. Youtube channel - detailed course on solidity language
  13. Web developer, welcome to Ethereum
  14. React & Ethereum getting started
  15. Build Your Ethereum Project with Create Eth App
  16. Designing the architecture for your ethereum application
  17. Crypto Zombies
  18. Solidity idiosyncrasies
  19. Ethereum Development with Go


  1. Solidity docs security considerations
  2. ConsenSys best practices
  3. Zeppelin smart contract security
  4. Winners solutions of underhanded solidity contest
  5. Problems with tx.origin
  6. Golem short address token bug
  7. DAO hack explained
  8. Parity wallet hack explained
  9. Vitalik thoughts about security and listing some known exploits
  10. King of the ether secuirty checklist
  11. King of the ether exploit
  12. Guide how to audit solidity contracts
  13. Attacks on ethereum contracts - 30min video and detailed paper
  14. 2nd Parity Multisig hack
  15. Smashing the EVM for Fun and Extensibility
  16. Malicious backdoors in ethereum proxies
  17. What fomo3ds real exit scam might look like


  1. Ethereum wiki - white paper, yellow paper and just pure gold information about ethereum
  2. Ethereum docs
  3. How does Ethereum work, anyway?
  4. When to use revert/require/assert
  5. Introduction to events and logs
  6. Payment channel with 50 lines of code
  7. Reducing eth gas arrays -> bytes
  8. Understanding oracles
  9. Building an Oracle
  10. Oraclize docs
  11. Hash table attacks and how does mapping work
  12. What it takes to create a successful ICO?
  13. The Faults and Shortcomings of the EVM
  14. Economics of Fees and Gas
  15. Spificator a usability pattern for dapps
  16. Diving into EVM - series of articles
  17. Basic of solidity opcode and bytecode
  18. Upgradable smart contract
  19. Smart contract interaction
  20. Ethereum Gas, Fuel and Fees
  21. Calling precomplies from solidity
  22. Understanding ethereum trie
  23. Web3-by-Example - Repo of simple scripts for web3
  24. Ethereum in depth by OpenZeppeling - Part 1
  25. Ethereum in depth by OpenZeppeling - Part 2
  26. Ethereum explained by Pegasus team


Scaling in general

  1. Conceptual description of Layer 2 scaling solutions: State channels, Plasma, Truebit
  2. Bridges, Plasma and UTXO tokens


  1. Ethereum Sharding: Overview and Finality
  2. Sharding FAQ
  3. Sharding docs


  1. White paper
  2. Plasma explained in 10min
  3. Smart Contracts on Plasma - Christian Reitwiessner (65 min. presentation)
  4. Token contracts on Plasma
  5. Scaling ethereum with plasma - Joseph Poon
  6. Reading the plasma withepaper
  7. BankEx plasma implementation
  8. Minimum Viable Plasma specification and discussion
  9. OmiseGo Plasma implementation
  10. Central repository for Plasma implementors

State channels

  1. State channels wiki
  2. Learn channels


State channels

  1. Raiden 101
  2. State channels
  3. Fun fair turing complete state channels
  4. An Introduction to State Channels in Depth
  5. Counterfactual for dummies
  6. Etherships and state channels


  1. Plasma chat room on Gitter
  2. Plasma implementors video calls
  3. Learn Plasma - website explaining Plasma

Proof of Stake

  1. Casper PoS & Smart Contract Consensus Overview (90 min. overview)
  2. Overview done again with new changes
  3. PoS FAQ
  4. Casper vs Tendermint
  5. Casper 101


  1. Introduction to zk-snarks


  1. Research discussion forum


  1. Devs guide to ENS
  2. Ens docs
  3. How to buy an ENS domain


  1. Introduction to ipfs, overview and technical stuff
  2. Short 10min high level overview of IPFS
  3. Distributed apps with ipfs 40min lecture by creator


  1. Remix online IDE
  2. Metamask - browser plugin to conect with ethereum
  3. Truffle dev framework testing and running dApps
  4. Embark framework to develop and test dApps
  5. HEVM - emv for debugging
  6. DAPP - framework for testing and building dApps (lightweight)
  7. Solgraph - Generates a DOT graph that visualizes function control flow of a Solidity contract
  8. Solium - Linter to identify and fix style & security issues in Solidity
  9. Solidity linter

Explorers and Stats

  1. Etherscan
  2. Etherchain
  3. Trivial - token explorer
  4. DappBoard - The analytics platform for Ethereum's smart contracts.
  5. Dapp radar - list of dapps with stats
  6. Dapp track - list of dapps with stats
  7. World of contracts - Interface for interacting with smart contracts

Jobs & bounties

  1. Ethlance - dApp for jobs paid in eth
  2. Gitcoin - bounties for open source projects
  3. Status Open Bounties
  4. Repo for bounty hunts
  5. Solidified - Auditing platform for smart contracts

Other cool lists

  1. Awesome solidity - resource about solidity
  2. Awesome ethereum
  3. Awesome makerdao


A list of links to articles, tutorials and papers that are helpful for people developing on the ethereum stack




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