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For college, graduate school, and job applications: The script performs a "find-and-replace" for all occurrences of school names and adds a school-specific section at the end.
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Bulk Application Generator

This is a script I used to generate my graduate school personal statements. It can generate PDFs from Markdown templates and append school-specific paragraphs to each statement.





  • header.yaml contains the LaTeX specifications.
  • contains the part of your statement that is shared across all schools.
    • Use SCHOOL_NAME as a placeholder for the school's name.
      • This will also be used as the name of the subfolder under statements for the output files.
    • You can also use SCHOOL_ALT_NAME as a placeholder for an alternative name of school, e.g., "the University of Chicago" as opposed to "UChicago"
    • Values for the placeholders are specified in Makefile, and discussed in the Compiling section.

Custom Files

School-specific writings should be place in the custom folder.

  • Use for a paragraph that will be appended to main statement.
  • Other SCHOOL_NAME_*.md files are for statements that are written specifically for a school.
    • For example, one can write a for Berkeley's diversity statement requirement.
    • header.yaml will be automatically prepended to the file.


  • Edit Makefile so that under all:, you have one command for each school that specifies the desired values for the placeholders.
    • The value for SCHOOL will replace instances of SCHOOL_NAME in An optional SCHOOL_ALT_NAME can also be specified.
    • make statement will compile only the main statement, while make other will compile only the additional school-specific statements like the diversity statement. make both will compile both.
    • Examples:
      make both SCHOOL=Michigan
      make both SCHOOL=UChicago SCHOOL_ALT_NAME="the University of Chicago" 
  • Run make all in the root folder. The resulting PDFs and intermediary Markdown files for the main statement should be in the statements folder. (Files generated in the folder will be overridden each time one runs make.)
  • By default, the PDFs will be opened automatically once they are generated.
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