Code samples for Joomla! Plugins Programming book
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This repository contains code samples as used in the book "Programming Joomla! Plugins" written by Jisse Reitsma (2014). More information on this book is available here:

The code samples are divided into separate chapters, each chapter containing a source tree of the plugins discussed in that chapter. The layout of such a source tree might look like this:


The samples can be installed in Joomla! by copying all relevant files to a Joomla! site and using the "Discover" feature of the Joomla! Extension Manager to install things.


All code samples are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


There is no support given on the functionality of the plugins, except for questions that concern the book as well. The plugins are not meant to work for end-users, they are written to help developers write their own plugins.

Questions regarding the code samples can be sent to: