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Magento 2 module with various hacks and solutions for custom development
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Yireo DevHacks

Magento 2 module with development hacks, that came in handy for myself.


Use the following commands to install:

composer config repositories.yireo-devhacks vcs
composer require yireo-training/magento2-devhacks:dev-master

Enable this module:

./bin/magento module:enable Yireo_DevHacks
./bin/magento setup:upgrade

Skip template path validation

The core checks whether PHTML templates are in the path of the Magento core. When using the composer feature path to symlink a local repository to Magento, while the path is outside of Magento, this throws an exception. This module simply skips the entire logic. No configuration needed. Bam.

Toggle TESTS_CLEANUP in integration tests configuration

When running integration tests, you probably want to frequently toggle the constant TESTS_CLEANUP from disabled to enabled to disabled. The following command-line easily allows for this (assuming the file is actually dev/tests/integration/phpunit.xml cause you shouldn't modify the *.dist version):

bin/magento yireo_devhacks:toggle_testscleanup

It is toggled. Bam.

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