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Yireo SalesBlock2 for Magento 2

Prevent Magento 2 orders from being placed, based on specific rules.

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To install this module, use composer:

composer require yireo/magento2-salesblock2

Afterwards, enable the module and run the setup upgrade, to make sure the database table is properly created:

bin/magento module:enable Yireo_SalesBlock2
bin/magento setup:upgrade

Next, install (and enable) one or more of the additional plugins. Without these plugins, the SalesBlock2 extension will not work:


Navigate in the Magento Admin Panel to the Store Configuration to enable this module. Then, navigate in the Magento Admin Panel to Sales > Sales Block Rules to configure a rule. A rule consists of the following parts:

  • Enable: Yes or no.
  • Label: For managing things in your backend.
  • Conditions: One or more conditions that all need to be met, before the rule is a match. The conditions are activated only through additional modules (see above). For instance, you could say that you are blocking sales for a person, coming from a certain IP range and using a specific email address.
  • Frontend label: The message to display to the blocked customer on the frontend.
  • Frontend text: An additional explanation to display to the blocked customer.

For additional details, see the READMEs of all submodules.