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Magento CE language-files
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Magento CE language-files

This project contains language-files for usage with Magento Community Edition, translated through the following Transifex project:

About this project

Transifex is a tool that allows for collaborated translations. Anybody can join in and start translating things easily. We have worked together with the Transifex team to add support for Magento languages-files (CSV-formatted) as well, and this works great. However, to easily download the language-files for direct use in your Magento project, ZIP-files need to be created and language-files need to be downloaded and renamed. This GitHub project does that gathering for you.

Note: These sources are automatically updated through a cronjob, every 8 hours.

FAQ: How to use these translations?

Within this GitHub project, browse to the packages folder and download the package of your required language. Next, upload this ZIP-package (for instance to your Magento site.

Within your Magento folders, locate the app/locale/ folder. Your language should be listed here as a subfolder (for instance app/locale/de_DE). If the folder does not exist, create it. Copy all the language-files of the ZIP-package to this folder.

FAQ: How to help translating?

Go to and open up a new Transifex account. Join one of the language-teams. Once your request to join a team is approved, you can start translating.

FAQ: How to clone this project?

Anyone is able to create a new Transifex project, upload the Magento language-files, and start translating things within their own project. Likewise, you can also start your own GitHub project to bundle these language-files and create packages. Clone this project. Next, copy the script update/private.php.sample to update/private.php and enter your own Transifex credentials. Use .gitignore to exclude that file from the project. Next, run the script update/update.php using a PHP command-line client.

FAQ: How can I add new languages to this project?

When you have added a new language to the Transifex project, that project will be automatically picked up by cronjob to merge it with the GitHub files. If you pick a language code in Transifex that directly matches the Magento locale (check the app/locale folder), everything works fine. However, if the two language codes do not match, please make a pull request for the file update/mapping.php in this repository. Note that the script will not copy translations from a language in the project if the translations are under 10%.


Translation of email-templates (app/locale/en_US/template/email) is currently not supported by Transifex, so therefor those files are not included here either.

Using modman

Clone this repo into your magento/.modman folder. You need to have modman installed:

Optionally modify the modman file to include or exclude the languages you would like. Run modman repair. Enable languages in your magento installation.

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