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This project contains additional commands for N98-MageRun.
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Yireo MageRun Addons

This project contains additional commands for N98-MageRun.

  • List / create / reset / delete admin roles


You can check out the different options in the MageRun docs.

Here is a manual method:

  1. Create ~/.n98-magerun/modules/ if it doesn't already exist.

     mkdir -p ~/.n98-magerun/modules/
  2. Clone the magerun-addons repository in there

     cd ~/.n98-magerun/modules/
     git clone


Admin Roles

List all backend roles:

$ n98-magerun.phar admin:role:list

Create a new backend role with ALL privileges:

$ n98-magerun.phar admin:role:create

Reset privileges of a certain backend role to ALL privileges:

$ n98-magerun.phar admin:role:reset

Delete a certain backend role:

$ n98-magerun.phar admin:role:delete
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