Current status

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The App currently can be run reliably only in a web browser. The original beta no longer works and the new version is not completed.

The MyTurn App has been released as a beta for Android devices and is available in the Google Play Store. The App for iOS devices, such as the iPad, is available in the Apple App Store.

To avoid any problems in locating a new discussion, a Group should be started before other participants load the App. Otherwise, the needed Group may not be visible until the Participant's App is restarted.

The App can be run in a web browser on most computers. This includes laptops, as well as desktops, but we refer to all of these as "desktops" elsewhere.

Work Arounds:

Startup problem with phone App:

If the Group Name is not visible after entering the Name and Times, restart the phone and then select the Name via the Drop Down List (press the triangle at the end on the Group field).

Conflict with incoming calls when using a phone:

Incoming calls can't be answered while using the App, because the App sounds will continue. To avoid this problem, turn sound and vibration off in order to avoid incoming calls while using the App.

Cosmetic defect with web browser:

When the Drop Down List is empty, the content may refresh repeatedly without effect.

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