How to use this wiki

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When entering text, the Edit Mode is selectable via the menu on the Right above the text entry box. Markdown is the default selection. A Cheat Sheet for Github Flavored Markdown appears on Markdown-enabled portions of this Site when you press "m". You can force Markdown to respect a line break by adding two spaces to the end of a line.

Unfortunately, there are incompatibilities among the different versions of Markdown. Creole is also available and is the result of a standardization process. It also has a Cheat Sheet available.

A common operation when using the Wiki is the addition of a new page. The easiest way to do this is to enter the reference to the New Page on an existing page. This type of Reference is text surrounded by double square brackets. The Text will appear red, when it is viewed. Clicking the Text will take you to an empty page, which has the Text as its title. You can then enter the New Page's information in the entry box.