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Sabaki Build Status

An elegant Go/Baduk/Weiqi board and SGF editor for a more civilized age. Download the latest release of Sabaki.



  • Fuzzy stone placement
  • Read and save SGF games and collections
  • Display formatted SGF comments using a subset of Markdown
  • Personalize board appearance with userstyles
  • SGF editing tools
  • Lines & arrows markup
  • Copy & paste variations
  • Game graph
  • Score estimator
  • Scoring tool
  • Find move
  • Position & move annotations
  • GTP engines support
  • Guess mode
  • Autoplay games

For more information visit the wiki. You can support this project by donating some money.

Web Version

Sabaki has a web branch. It's a trimmed-down version of Sabaki that runs in any modern browser. You can try a working demo here.

If you're looking for the code of the website, you can find it in this repository.

Building & Tests

See Building & Tests in the wiki.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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