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GitHub CI Status @resvg/resvg-js npm version @resvg/resvg-js downloads Rust 1.65+

resvg-js is a high-performance SVG renderer and toolkit, powered by Rust based resvg, with Node.js backend using napi-rs, also a pure WebAssembly backend.

Please use all lowercase resvg-js when referencing project names.


  • Fast, safe and zero dependencies, with correct output.
  • Convert SVG to PNG, includes cropping, scaling and setting the background color.
  • Support system fonts and custom fonts in SVG text.
  • v2: Gets the width and height of the SVG and the generated PNG.
  • v2: Support for outputting simplified SVG strings, such as converting shapes(rect, circle, etc) to <path>.
  • v2: Support WebAssembly.
  • v2: Support to get SVG bounding box and crop according to bounding box.
  • v2: Support for loading images of external links in <image>.
  • No need for node-gyp and postinstall, the .node file has been compiled for you.
  • Cross-platform support, including Apple M Chips.
  • Support for running as native addons in Deno.



npm i @resvg/resvg-js


<script src=""></script>



Node.js Example

This example will load Source Han Serif, and then render the SVG to PNG.

node example/index.js

Loaded 1 font faces in 0ms.
Font './example/SourceHanSerifCN-Light-subset.ttf':0 found in 0.006ms.
✨ Done in 55.65491008758545 ms

Deno Example

deno run --unstable --allow-read --allow-write --allow-ffi example/index-deno.js

[2022-11-16T15:03:29Z DEBUG resvg_js::fonts] Loaded 1 font faces in 0.067ms.
[2022-11-16T15:03:29Z DEBUG resvg_js::fonts] Font './example/SourceHanSerifCN-Light-subset.ttf':0 found in 0.001ms.
Original SVG Size: 1324 x 687
Output PNG Size  : 1200 x 623
✨ Done in 66 ms



const { promises } = require('fs')
const { join } = require('path')
const { Resvg } = require('@resvg/resvg-js')

async function main() {
  const svg = await promises.readFile(join(__dirname, './text.svg'))
  const opts = {
    background: 'rgba(238, 235, 230, .9)',
    fitTo: {
      mode: 'width',
      value: 1200,
    font: {
      fontFiles: ['./example/SourceHanSerifCN-Light-subset.ttf'], // Load custom fonts.
      loadSystemFonts: false, // It will be faster to disable loading system fonts.
      defaultFontFamily: 'Source Han Serif CN Light',
  const resvg = new Resvg(svg, opts)
  const pngData = resvg.render()
  const pngBuffer = pngData.asPng()'Original SVG Size:', `${resvg.width} x ${resvg.height}`)'Output PNG Size  :', `${pngData.width} x ${pngData.height}`)

  await promises.writeFile(join(__dirname, './text-out.png'), pngBuffer)



Starting with Deno 1.26.1, there is support for running Native Addons directly from Node.js. This allows for performance that is close to that found in Node.js.

deno run --unstable --allow-read --allow-write --allow-ffi example/index-deno.js
import * as path from ''
import { Resvg } from 'npm:@resvg/resvg-js'
const __dirname = path.dirname(path.fromFileUrl(import.meta.url))

const svg = await Deno.readFile(path.join(__dirname, './text.svg'))
const opts = {
  fitTo: {
    mode: 'width',
    value: 1200,

const t =
const resvg = new Resvg(svg, opts)
const pngData = resvg.render()
const pngBuffer = pngData.asPng()'Original SVG Size:', `${resvg.width} x ${resvg.height}`)'Output PNG Size  :', `${pngData.width} x ${pngData.height}`)'✨ Done in', - t, 'ms')

await Deno.writeFile(path.join(__dirname, './text-out-deno.png'), pngBuffer)


This package also ships a pure WebAssembly artifact built with wasm-bindgen to run in browsers.


<script src=""></script>
  (async function () {
    // The Wasm must be initialized first
    await resvg.initWasm(fetch(''))
    const opts = {
      fitTo: {
        mode: 'width', // If you need to change the size
        value: 800,

    const svg = '<svg> ... </svg>' // Input SVG, String or Uint8Array
    const resvgJS = new resvg.Resvg(svg, opts)
    const pngData = resvgJS.render(svg, opts) // Output PNG data, Uint8Array
    const pngBuffer = pngData.asPng()
    const svgURL = URL.createObjectURL(new Blob([pngData], { type: 'image/png' }))
    document.getElementById('output').src = svgURL

See playground, it is also possible to call Wasm in Node.js, but it is slower.

Sample Benchmark

npm i benny@3.x sharp@0.x @types/sharp svg2img@0.x
npm run bench
Running "resize width" suite...
    12 ops/s

    9 ops/s

    7 ops/s

  svg2img(canvg and node-canvas):
    6 ops/s

Support matrix

Node.js 12 Node.js 14 Node.js 16 Node.js 18 npm
Windows x64 npm version
Windows x32 npm version
Windows arm64 npm version
macOS x64 npm version
macOS arm64(M1) npm version
Linux x64 gnu npm version
Linux x64 musl npm version
Linux arm gnu npm version
Linux arm64 gnu npm version
Linux arm64 musl npm version
Android arm64 npm version
Android armv7 npm version

Test or Contributing

Build Node.js bindings

npm i
npm run build
npm test

Build WebAssembly bindings

npm i
npm run build:wasm
npm run test:wasm


I will consider implementing the following features, if you happen to be interested, please feel free to discuss with me or submit a PR.

  • Support async API
  • Upgrade to napi-rs v2
  • Support WebAssembly
  • Output usvg-simplified SVG string
  • Support for getting SVG Bounding box
  • Support for generating more lossless bitmap formats, e.g. avif, webp, JPEG XL

Release package

We use GitHub actions to automatically publish npm packages.

# 1.0.0 => 1.0.1
npm version patch

# or 1.0.0 => 1.1.0
npm version minor


Please use all lowercase resvg-js when referencing project names.


Copyright (c) 2021-present, yisibl(一丝)