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@github-actions github-actions released this 09 Feb 08:04
· 16 commits to main since this release

What's Changed

This is a brand new version with 2-3x faster performance. It also resolves an issue with a specific SVG causing an error, and all users are advised to upgrade to this version.

    39.6 ops/s, ±1.72%   | fastest

    10.9 ops/s, ±31.43%   | 72.47% slower

  svg2img(canvg + node-canvas):
    10.8 ops/s, ±28.52%   | slowest, 72.73% slower

The upgrade will be hard due to the big changes made to upstream resvg. resvg 0.28.0 started with the removal of the ability to output SVG string, and we had to backport that functionality to a new crate: usvg-writer.

Eventually, we upgraded resvg for 2 successive versions, and are now at the latest 0.29.0.


  • feat: upgrade resvg/usvg to 0.28.0. #194 Thanks to @zimond
  • feat: upgrade resvg/usvg to 0.29.0. #199 Thanks to @zimond
  • chore: upgrade rust-toolchain to nightly-2023-02-01. #199 Thanks to @yisibl
  • chore: remove bench-related dependencies. #200 Thanks to @yisibl


  • fix: 'the previous segment must be M/L/C' error. #204 Thanks to @yisibl

    This is a normal error thrown by resvg when parsing Path Command, and has been confirmed as fixed in resvg 0.29.0.

    Add a test to ensure it is now fixed.

    thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'the previous segment must be M/L/C'
    note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace
    fatal runtime error: failed to initiate panic, error 5

Full Changelog: v2.3.1...v2.4.0