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This page lists frameworks and tools used for building up Yi Zeng's personal website


Name License Description
GitHub Pages Hosting the Jekyll generated site
Jekyll MIT License Static blogware
Jekyll-bootstrap MIT License Jekyll Bootstrap
Jekyll "the_program" theme Unknown The theme which this site is based on
HtmlCompressor Apache License 2.0 Compressing the HTML files in production
HTML5 Boilerplate MIT License Front-end template

Jekyll Plugins

Name License Description
Sitemap.xml Generator CC BY 3.0 Generating the sitemap.xml
Alias Generator MIT License Generating aliases for posts
Jekyll Simple Search MIT License Post searching plugin
strip.rb MIT License Striping HTML whitespaces


Name License Description
CDNJS Hosting common JS libraries
jQuery MIT license JS library to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML
Modernizr MIT license JS library to detect HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser.
fancyBox CC BY-NC 3.0 jQuery plugin to add zooming functionality for images
Unveil.js MIT license jQuery plugin to delay loading of images
PACE MIT license JavaScript plugin to show a progress bar while page loading
fullPage.js MIT license JavaScript plugin for making single page scrolling style homepage
google-code-prettify Apache License 2.0 JavaScript plugin to highlight code


Name License Description
SASS MIT license CSS extension language
Compass CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 CSS Authoring Framework
normalize.css MIT license Normalise CSS
Animate.css MIT license CSS animation library
Koala Apache 2.0 License GUI application for Sass and Compass compilation
CSS Minifier Minifying CSS
ProCSSor Formatting CSS


Name License Description
Simple Icons Free Art License 1.3 Social icons set
WPZOOM Developer Icon Set CC BY-SA 3.0 Search button image
Noise Texture Generator Creating background images Free license Creating image loading icon
Pic Resize Resizing pictures online Optimizing image files
Patternify Unknown CSS Pattern Generator
Subtle Patterns CC BY-SA 3.0 Tileable textured patterns
FLAT but not Flat Social Media Icons Free License Social icons set
Vector Social Media Icons Free License Social icons set


Name License Description
Font Squirrel Creating web fonts files
Ubuntu Font Family Ubuntu Font Licence, 1.0
Junge SIL Open Font License, 1.1 Homepage font
TeX Gyre Pagella GUST e-foundry License v1.00 Blog body font

UI Testing

Name License Description
Selenium WebDriver (Ruby binding) Apache 2.0 License UI automation framework
Cucumber MIT license BDD framework
PhantomJS BSD license Headless WebKit browser
Travis CI Building and running all UI tests