Develop your react components with parcel - A simple Alternative to storybook Using parceljs
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Develop your components with parcel - A simple Alternative to storybook Using parceljs.

  • Easy to use.
  • Built with react, react-router and react-fuzzy-picker
  • parceljs that's mean super fast 🚀
  • Full customization 👌
  • Ctrl+p Everywhere.
  • Play with props

Parcel-Storybook in action

alt text

Getting Started

Clone parcel-storybook repository and install npm dependencies && start parcel dev server.

git clone
cd parcel-storybook
yarn install
yarn start

Create A simple Story

import React from "react";

export default () => (
    <h1>Simple Lorem Story </h1>

Add your story in the index page /src/stories/index.js and export your stories as array like the following :

import React from "react";
import Button from "../components/Button";
import Story from "./Story";
import Centred from "../Utils/Centred";

const storyProps = { text: "Parcel Storybook" };
const buttonProps = {
  name: "My Button",
  style: {
    margin: "10px",
    height: "30px",
    color: "black",
    background: "blue"

export default [
    name: "Story",
    component: Centred(Story),
    props: storyProps // adding props
    name: "Button",
    component: Centred(Button),
    props: buttonProps
    name: "without Prop", // without props
    component: Centred(() => <button>Test without props</button>)

Now open your browser http://localhost:1234 and start your work


if you are using this starter and in your opinion it helpful to create a npm package for it. let's me know - A simple star is enough - ⚡️.