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Discord bot that enables easy drafting
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Tourney is a discord bot that makes it easy to draft players inside Discord and manage teams. There are a few assumptions made with the bot, and that is that people will act according to the rules (i.e. this bot does not enforce rules). The controls are very basic, and consist of the following commands:

  • !help
  • !new tournament_name
  • !join [tournament_name] - join the tournament and make yourself available to draft
  • !leave [tournament_name] - leaves the tournament
  • !captain [tournament_name] - makes you a captain of a team in the tournament (creates new team)
  • !draft idx [tournament_name] - makes player by the index idx your team
  • !exit [tournament_name] - exits your team
  • !status [tournament_name] - shows everything

Add this to your server with:

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