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Export Day One entries into Evernote as daily summaries. The summaries are plain text, only text content been included. The generated notes will look like:

One note written in Day One

Another note in Day One


Original blog post: http://blog.yjpark.org/blog/2014/01/21/save-day-one-summary-to-evernote/

System Requirement

Since the note is saved through applescript, only work on OSX and need to have Evernote installed.


usage: dayone2evernote [-h] [-i DAY_ONE_ENTRIES_PATH] [-b EVERNOTE_NOTE_BOOK]
                       [-y YEAR] [-m MONTH] [-d DAY] [-a] [-n] [-s]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i DAY_ONE_ENTRIES_PATH, --day_one_entries_path DAY_ONE_ENTRIES_PATH
  -b EVERNOTE_NOTE_BOOK, --evernote_note_book EVERNOTE_NOTE_BOOK
  -y YEAR, --year YEAR
  -m MONTH, --month MONTH
  -d DAY, --day DAY
  -a, --all             export ALL entries
  -n, --new             export NEW entries
  -s, --save            Save to Evernote


  • Without --save parameter, nothing will be added to evernote, and the notes will be printed to stdout, so you can have a check before actually save it.
  • For the --new way to work, you need to create a dayone2evernote.last file at the same place with dayone2evernote, the last date will be saved to that file, note that today's notes will be exported tomorrow, also if you use multiple devices, please make sure the syncing is done.
  • If you use symlink to link dayone2evernote to path, then the dayone2evernote.last file should be put with the folder holding the link, this is by design.
  • If you run export on multiple machines, please make sure the dayone2evernote.last file is synchronized somehow, otherwise same notes might be created more than once.