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Monaco editor bindings for Yjs
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Monaco Editor Binding for Yjs - Demo

This binding maps a Y.Text to the Monaco editor (the editor that power VS Code).


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import * as Y from 'yjs'
import { WebsocketProvider } from 'y-websocket'
import { MonacoBinding } from 'y-monaco'
import * as monaco from 'monaco-editor'

const ydocument = new Y.Doc()
const provider = new WebsocketProvider(`${location.protocol === 'http:' ? 'ws:' : 'wss:'}//localhost:1234`, 'monaco', ydocument)
const type = ydocument.getText('monaco')

const editor = monaco.editor.create(document.getElementById('monaco-editor'), {
  value: '', // MonacoBinding overwrites this value with the content of type
  language: "javascript"

// Bind Yjs to the editor model
const monacoBinding = new MonacoBinding(type, editor.getModel(), new Set([editor]), provider.awareness)

Also look here for a working example.


import { MonacoBinding } from 'y-monaco'

const binding = new MonacoBinding(type, editor.getModel(), new Set([editor]), provider.awareness)


constructor(Y.Text, monaco.editor.ITextModel, [Set<monaco.editor.IStandaloneCodeEditor>, [Awareness]])
If the editor(s) are specified, MonacoBinding adjusts selections when remote changes happen. Awareness is an implementation of the awareness protocol of y-protocols/awareness. If Awareness is specified, MonacoBinding renders remote selections.
Unregister all event listeners. This is automatically called when the model is disposed.


The MIT License © Kevin Jahns

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