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WebRTC Connector for Yjs
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WebRTC Connector for Yjs

It propagates document updates directly to all users via WebRTC.

  • Fast message propagation
  • Encryption and authorization over untrusted signaling server
  • No setup required, public signaling servers are available
  • Very little server load
  • Not suited for a large amount of collaborators on a single document (each peer is connected to each other)


npm i y-webrtc
Client code
import * as Y from 'yjs'
import { WebrtcProvider } from '../src/y-webrtc.js'

const ydoc = new Y.Doc()
// clients connected to the same room-name share document updates
const provider = new WebrtcProvider('your-room-name', ydoc, { password: 'optional-room-password' })
const yarray = ydoc.get('array', Y.Array)

The peers find each other by connecting to a signaling server. This package implements a small signaling server in ./bin/server.js.

# start signaling server
PORT=4444 node ./bin/server.js

Peers using the same signaling server will find each other. You can specify several custom signaling servers like so:

const provider = new WebrtcProvider('your-room-name', ydoc, { signaling: ['wss://', 'ws://localhost:4444'] })


y-webrtc uses the lib0/logging.js logging library. By default this library disables logging. You can enable it by specifying the log environment / localStorage variable:

// enable logging for all modules
localStorage.log = 'true'
// enable logging only for y-webrtc
localStorage.log = 'y-webrtc'
// by specifying a regex variables
localStorage.log = '^y.*'
# enable y-webrtc logging in nodejs
LOG='y-webrtc' node index.js


Yjs is licensed under the MIT License.

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