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Trello RTL Support

[DEPRECATED! but Don't Worry, I Have a Surprise]
I Just Migrated to rtl-happy repository, it's same as this repo with some new advantages:

  • You Can Use RTL-Happy Script as a Chrome Extension! :)
  • You Can Use It as a User-Script same as always.
  • You Can Use It as an Script in Your Own Way(s)!
  • Phabricator Is Supported Right Now.


Hi :)
After a long time that I disappointed of rtl-support feature on Trello I decided to figure a solution out!

There is some screenshots, so you can see the result :)

  • Cards list:

- Typing in RTL:
- Check list RTL/LTR:

So if you are a trello fan and working with it and you have some RTL content in your boards data, I suggest this solution to you. I hope you enjoy it :)

Languages Support:

1- Persian
2- Arabic
3- Hebrew

How to use

Method 1 (Recommended):
1. Install [cjs chrome extension]( to run javascript code. (script.js in this case)
2. Go to [Trello Home Page](
3. Add content of [script.js]( to cjs extension
4. And... enjoying Trello more than before :)
Method 2:
1. Download and install [TamperMonkey]( Extensions
2. After that you can install script.js via [Monkeyguts](
3. Enable script, and have fun :)

Just to remind

- [cjs-extension]( is just a tool to run custome javascript in any website you want, so you can use another tool to run the script.js :)
- script.js is written to be use on [Trello]( - script.js never ever any effects on your trello boards data, it just effect on styles. - If you need another rtl-language that not exists in supported list, send me your language name, and I will trying to add it :)