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Plurk OAuth implementation in Lua
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LuaPlurk.lua Verification update: Alerts


This is a Plurk OAuth implementation based on Lua. Ignacia's LuaOAuth is used to do the OAuth1.0 part.

Lua packages dependencies

Lua 5.1.4

LuaOAuth by Ignacio:

LuaOAuth supports two modes of operation: "synchronous" and "asynchronous" mode. So far LuaPlurk support only synchronous mode. Check out LuaOAuth for more package dependencies.

Usage and examples

To request token:

papi = require "LuaPlurk"
local ret, rtoken, rtoken_secret = papi.init(app_key, app_secret)
local aurl = papi.getAuthorizedUrl(rtoken)

Prompt user to authorize

print("Enter PIN verifier:")
local verifier = assert("*n"))
verifier = tostring(verifier)
local access_token, access_token_secret = papi.getAccessToken(rtoken, rtoken_secret, verifier)

To access Plurk API, use init_client if you already has access token

papi.init_client(app_key, app_secret, token, token_secret)
local api_url = '/APP/Profile/getPublicProfile'
local api_args = {user_id='whoever'}
local response_code, response_headers, response_status_line, response_body =
    papi.plurkRequest(api_url, api_args)


Plurk API:


dkjson by David Kolf, (The JSON4Lua cannot decode empty '[]' in json string.)


2011, Sep. 8: Upload first LuaPlurk and go V0.1.


  • Add token expiration check.
  • Verify LuaPlurk on each API.
    • Complete: Profile, Cliques, FriendsFans, Timeline(except UploadPicture), Alerts

Known issues

  • /APP/Timeline/uploadPicture not work since LuaOAuth does not support multipart/form-data.
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