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Vim syntax for mojo epl templates in Mojo projects
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Mojo templates Syntax file
Language: Mojo templates
By yko <>
License: Artistic 2.0


Syntax file for highlighting embedded Perl code in Mojo templates.
Designed to highlight syntax of both .html.ep and .html.epl formats.
Also you can allow syntax highliting for __DATA__ section of Perl files.


    make install


Configurations variables:

    :let mojo_highlight_data = 1

Highlight embedded Perl code in __DATA__ sections of your Perl files.

    :let mojo_disable_html = 1

Don't highlight html inside __DATA__ templates - Perl code only.

    :let mojo_no_helpers = 1

Don't highlight default and tag helpers.


Once snipMate.vim installed autocomplete for helpers and template blocks became available.
See and snippets/epl.snippets for details.

Text::VimColor is required to run optional development purposes tests:

    make test


Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi, the greatest - co-founding and optimization
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