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InfoPi Information server application

Represents a single-page web application that displays various live data, like weather forecast and train departure times.

The back-end (web server) part is using Python 3. The front-end is written on AngularJS 1.x and Twitter Bootstrap 3.x.

My own implementation is specifically crafted for:

  • RaspberryPi running Raspbian Jessie.
  • Full HD monitor (1920×1080 pixels) in the portrait orientation.

This is how the information page looks like: Screenshot of the application


  1. Python 3.4
  2. dateutil
  3. Astral 1.0 (used for displaying moon phases)

Getting started

  1. Clone the infopi git repo with submodules:

    git clone --recurse

  2. Install dateutil. In Ubuntu/Debian:

    sudo apt-get install python3-dateutil

  3. Install astral:

    pip3 install astral

  4. Request an NS API key here.

  5. Once you have the key, open the file, update the properties and save it as

  6. Start the server:


  7. Open a web browser and direct it to localhost:8000. If you're using Chrome or Chromium, the command line is:

    chromium-browser --incognito --kiosk http://localhost:8000/

  8. In order to make InfoPi start at bootup, you can add the following commands to ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart:

# Optional: remote desktop server that would allow
# to connect to your Pi via VNC
x11vnc -forever

# InfoPi web server

# Browser
chromium-browser --incognito --kiosk http://localhost:8000/




Data providers