A sample for getting started with CloudFoundry + node.js + MongoDB
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This repo contains a "getting started" sample for MongoDB with Node.js on VMWare's CloudFoundry platform.

The sample is broken up in to steps based on the last digit of the file name. So app.js.1 is the first step, app.js.2 is the second step and so on.

Step 1

Gets a basic "Hello World" functioning on Cloud Foundry.

To test visit my_app_name.cloudfoundry.com.

Step 2

Add parsing and printing of MongoDB environment variables. See the generate_mongo_url function. The output of this function is a "connection string" to the local MongoDB instance. Note the relatively naive implementation.

Step 3

Includes the node-mongodb-native driver. Performs a simple insert of IP and Timestamp whenever the URL is visited. There's no routing, just a simple increment.

See the record_visit function for implementation details.

Step 4

Extend step 3 with a /history option that will print the 10 most recent visits.

To test visit my_app_name.cloudfoundry.com/history.

See the print_visits function for implementation details.

Step 5

For building a better a UI, take a look at the express framework. (expressjs.org)