Set of sequences for Robust SLAM evaluation
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Dataset for Robust SLAM backend Evaluation

This dataset has been derived from the first 10 sequences of the Kitti Vision bechmark 1. Visual odometry has been calculate using libviso2 2 at 10Hz and Loop closures have been identified from the right image of each stereo pair at 2Hz (every fifth image) using DLoopDetector 3.

Each sequence is contained in a directory representing the sequence number (00,02,...). With each directory the following files can be found :

  • kitii_??_odom.g2o : Extracted Odometry for Sequence ??

  • kitti_??_GT.g2o : Ground truth poses obtained from Ground Truth provided by 1.

  • kitti_??_odom_GT_LC : Odometry along with Ground truth loop closures

  • kitti_??_alpha_f.ff.g2o : Odometry along with loop closures at the alpha value of f.ff (0.00 to 1.00)

  • kitti_??_alpha_F.FF_GT_LC.txt : Ground truth loop closures for the sequence ?? at f.ff value of alpha

For any queries and/or suggestions please email me : ylatif [AT] unizar dot es