Script to change bug status and post info about commit based on svn commit message. Add to svn_post_commit hook to use
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Script to update bugzilla based on svn commit log message. 
This assumes that is set up to monitor the To: address. 

To use, customize the variables to_addr, from_addr and view_svn_url.
Call this script from your post_commit_hook by adding the following line:

/path/to/svn/hooks/ "$REPOS" "$REV"

It is  possible for the user  to specify a bug  id (or multiple  id's) and a
"command" which is used to  share information with bugzilla. For example, if
a user  writes in his commit  message "... ..  fixes bug 123 and  refers bug
456... ..."  then a  summary of the  commit will  be posted to  the bugzilla
pages of bug 123  and bug 456. Also, assuming that bug  123 is open, it will
be marked  as RESOLVED/FIXED. It is  also possible to specify  in the commit
log "reopens bug 123" and the  commit summary will be posted to bugzilla and
the bug 123 will be reopened (assuming a closed state).

This script is based on the trac-post-commit-hook by Stephen Hansen