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GraphQL Workshop Material
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GraphQL Workshop

So you want to learn GraphQL? That is awesome! But like any other technology it's not easy to get started and get the basics of it mainly because all the docs are spread all over the place.

In this 8 hour workshop we will create a GraphQL server with Apollo Server, connect it to a Postgres database in Heroku to have a fully functional GraphQL Server.

After that we will jump to the frontend using React and Apollo to query and mutate a GraphQL Endpoint easily.




  • An overview of what GraphQL is
  • The basics of a querying with GraphQL
  • The basics of a mutations in GraphQL
  • Connect to a Postgres DB
  • Using context
  • Make multiple requests in one Query


  • Making simple queries with React and React-Apollo
  • Making advanced queries with React and React-Apollo
  • Creating our own query component
  • Mutations with React Apollo
  • Updating the UI automatically after a mutation
  • Using pagination
  • Questions

What We will be building



git clone
cd graphql-workshop/1-server-start
yarn # or npm i
yarn dev # npm run dev

Videos (4h)




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