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Jiotty Photos Uploader is a simple desktop Google Photos media uploader that creates albums according to your directory structure and can resume failed uploads. See Wiki for more information, including how to download and install.

For enthusiasts, to build or run from sources:

  1. Follow these steps to generate your own Google API client secret file.
  2. Install JDK
    1. for a desktop other than Windows 7 32 bit, use any JDK version 16 or higher.
    2. for a Raspberry Pi, use Liberica OpenJDK (because it contains RPi-compatible javafx). Go to, select version 16 or higher, 32-bit, Linux, package: Full JDK, and install via .deb.
    3. for Windows 7 32-bit, use Liberica OpenJDK (because it contains compatible javafx). Go to, select version 16 or higher, 32-bit, Windows, package: Full JDK, download and install.
  3. Clone this repository.
  4. cd jiotty-photos-uploader

Then, to compile and run locally:

  1. on a desktop: ./gradlew --no-daemon -DCLIENT_SECRET_PATH=/path/to/google-API-client-secret.json run
  2. on Raspberry Pi: ./gradlew --no-daemon -DCLIENT_SECRET_PATH=/path/to/google-API-client-secret.json -PraspberryPi run

Or to build the self-contained native binary and installer for the current platform:

  1. Run the following, replacing 0.0.0 with the version you want:
    1. on a desktop: ./gradlew --no-daemon -DCLIENT_SECRET_PATH=/path/to/google-API-client-secret.json fullPackage -DVERSION=0.0.0
    2. on Raspberry Pi: ./gradlew --no-daemon -PraspberryPi -DCLIENT_SECRET_PATH=/path/to/google-API-client-secret.json fullPackage -DVERSION=0.0.0
  2. look for the executable bundle in app/build/jpackage and for the installer in app/build/fullpackage

Note: if doing repeated builds, to improve build speed, replace --no-daemon with --build-cache, but only if you understand what you're doing and are prepared to maintain gradle cache and daemons.