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= latest
* fixed a bug where "Fry" was being parsed as "Fri"
* added date_string which gives back the date portion of the string passed to Chronic
* fixed a "bug" where trailing separator tokens were kept as part of date when they didn't need to be (see the tests TestChronic#test_tokenize_ignores_trailing_tokens)
* Updated some of the tests
= 0.2.4
* fixed numerizer number combination bug (27 Oct 2006 7:30pm works now) (reported by reynard h)
* allow numeric timezone offset (e.g -0500)
* disregard commas (so as to not return nil)
* fix parse of (am|pm|oclock) separation to handle "Ham sandwich" properly
* handle 'on' e.g. 5pm on Monday (by indirect)
* support seasons (by Edwin Chen)
* support weekend/weekday (by Edwin Chen)
* add endianness option (by Mark Johnson/Thomas Lee)
* updated version number in the module (Jeffrey 'jf' Lim)
* fixed/improved logic checks in Ordinal, and Scalar (Jeffrey 'jf' Lim)
= 0.2.3
* fixed 12am/12pm (by Nicholas Schlueter)
= 0.2.2
* added missing files (damn you manifest)
= 0.2.1
* fixed time overflow issue
* implemented "next" for minute repeater
* generalized time dealiasing to dealias regardless of day portion and time position
* added additional token match for cases like "friday evening at 7" and "tomorrow evening at 7"
* added support for Time#to_s output format: "Mon Apr 02 17:00:00 PDT 2007"
= 0.2.0 2007-03-20
* implemented numerizer, allowing the use of number words (e.g. five weeks ago) (by shalev)
= 0.1.6 2006-01-15
* added 'weekend' support (by eventualbuddha)
= 0.1.5 2006-12-20
* fixed 'aug 20' returning next year if current month is august
* modified behavior of 'from now'
* added support for seconds on times, and thus db timestamp format: "2006-12-20 18:04:23"
* made Hoe compliant
= 0.1.4
* removed verbose error checking code. oops. :-/
= 0.1.3
* improved regexes for word variations (by Josh Goebel)
* fixed a bug that caused "today at 3am" to return nil if current time is after 3am
= 0.1.2
* removed Date dependency (now works on windows properly without fiddling)
= 0.1.1
* run to_s on incoming object
* fixed loop loading of repeaters files (out of order on some machines)
* fixed find_within to use this instead of next (was breaking "today at 6pm")
= 0.1.0
* initial release