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Create a tracklist from played tracks on Spotify with Spotipy
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Create a tracklist from played tracks on Spotify with Spotipy.

Credentials are stored in credentials.json with the following format:

    "username" : "username",
    "client_id" : "client_id",
    "client_secret" : "client_secret",
    "redirect_url" : "redirect_url"

Tracks are saved into a JSON File in the following format:

    "album": "name of the album", 
    "played_date": "2019-05-30 14:21:44.897898", 
    "name": "name of the track", 
    "artists": [
      "Artist 1", 
      "Artist 2",
    "external_url": "open://spotify/path-to-track",
    "thumbnail": "path-to-thumbnail-img.png"


The main reason behind this project is to get more familiar with different techniques in software development, for example using a third party API (in this case Spotify) to read data and parse it into an usable format. Hosting the read data in a docker container and access said docker container from different applications.

Additionally to the backend I started to write different frontend - applications to access the data in a more human readable way.

Next up

  • Rewrite backend in Go
  • Add search function
  • Improve usability of the iOS Application
  • Add dummy data for every frontend - application
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