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Oriented from a thread on (#1EKWnHeQ)

因為有人有需求所以為 Nally 加了一個 option-click 會把瀏覽器開在背景的功能(mjhsieh 把它 commit 到 Google Code 那個專案的 trunk 裡面了)。


然後發現原來 App Store 上的版本好像是在這裡?看到 Issues 裡面加入是否預設使用 Image Previewer 的 feature request,所以就順手加進來。

第一次發 pull request 好緊張。 (抖)

uranusjr added some commits Aug 23, 2011
uranusjr Improve URL opening ability
Add option-click to open a link in the background
Fix multi-line URLs (breaked by terminal with "\\\r"), by removing "\\\r"
Ability to open multiple URLs all at once when they are chosen
Add localizations to "Open multiple URLs" menu title
uranusjr Add preference to toggle whether to use image previewer by default
Checker added in Preferences -> General window
Checker binded to GlobalConfig.shouldPreferImagePreviewer
GlobalConfig.shouldPreferImagePreviewer is set to YES by default (without a key)
Modify flag-checking in YLView corresponding to the preference setting feature

If the previewer is preferred in Preferences, ctrl+click opens a browser window
(same as the behavior when the preference was not added)
If the previewer is not preferred, simple mouse click opens a browser window;
ctrl+click opens the previewer
uranusjr Fix typo in Preferences window 387919b


uranusjr added some commits Aug 26, 2011
@uranusjr uranusjr Add ability to open multiple URLs in one line
URL blocks are now seperated by an NSCharacterSet including ' ' and '\r'
The '\r' character takes care of the previously used line-seperation function
The ' ' character splits a line into individual blocks of (potentially) URLs
@uranusjr uranusjr Fix exception when opening URL with non-URL-safe characters
Chinese characters, for example...
Use NSString's -(NSString *)stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:

剛加了一個 commit 讓 Nally 可以開中文(和包含其他特殊符號的)連結

不過這應該發生嗎?因為加底線的那個功能就只有判斷合法的 ASCII chaaracters...
如果這個 OK 的話或許也可以把底線的那個功能改成判斷空白、換行和 NULL 字元,其他的都算連結?

@yllan yllan merged commit e00601c into yllan:master Sep 15, 2011

Thanks for your contribution!

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