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A Letter to Pieter Hintjens

Dear Pieter, I've met you in real life on Monday February 3, 2014 during one of the most memorable talk I ever saw about ...

What was it again?

About software, long lasting communities and simply(?) about life and the world. About how we should use our knowledge about the world to mold our activities, not fighting how it is, but trying to improve it.
One Problem at a time.

This talk, no, not a talk, a 3 hours long Conversation with the audience, has been a real eye opener. You actually managed to put into words some of the things I had felt, noticed , and did not understand for such a long time.

Well technically the first time I met you was on Tuesday December 17, 2013: you came to check out our little DDDBe community. And you gently nudged us in a direction that I believe is the right one.
That at least up to this moment, still is the right one for our little group and that we try to maintain: Be open, make sure everyone is welcome, beware the P's, and much more.
So many things, in a few words you said at the time.

Pieter, the last time I saw you, you said it was a strange thing that lot's of friendship with fellow countryman have blossomed during that conference in Lithuania.
Even though we're all in the same country. For me it was even before that.
The seeds of friendship have been planted well before that.

You're a Gardener Pieter.
You planted many seeds, in many places, all the time.
Probably knowing that you would not be around to see most of the beautiful fruits and flowers of this work.

Thank you, Pieter for telling us how to behave during your illness.
Thank you, Pieter for taking the time to do all this. Many thanks.