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Gnome Shell Extension that helps you to manage shadowsocks proxies.
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Gnome Extension Shadowsocks

My first GJS project. This project is only for learning developing Gnome extensions.


  • switch ss server and change proxy mode (direct, PAC, manual) from Gnome tray
  • support getting server profiles from Surge subscription link
  • also supports Vmess (V2ray) via v2socksAUR and v2rayN format subscription link



for Arch users: gnome-shell-extension-shadowsocks-gitAUR is avalible in AUR.

For non-Arch users, follow the easy steps:

cd /tmp
git clone
mv gnome-shell-extension-shadowsocks/ ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions

Then press Alt+F2 and enter r to reload, and enable it in Tweak Tool.


This extension makes use of the following commands, make sure they are accessible in path.

  • sslocal or ss-local: shadowsocks or shadowsocks-libev executable
  • v2socks: to support Vmess protocol
  • xdg-open: to open the configure directory for you
  • curl: to sync subscription


This extension uses a JSON file for configuration, since it is much easier to copy and share than gsettings. This extension reads configs/config.json under the its installation directory. config.example.json in the same folder can be copied as a start point, which contains the descriptions of each settings and itself is valid in format (but the server is not accessible, of course).


Forked from gnome-shell-extension-services-systemd, which is under GPLv3.


  • SSR subscription
  • host local pac file
  • show pings?
  • show status on icon?
  • allow multiple PAC/manuals, set them by ourself
  • listen to config file?
  • show tooltip on items in menu that display basic information of a server?
  • add button for restarting?
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